Simple Superior Software

Focus on your business while We take care of your home page

What we can help you with?


We can make you a new fast site that simply runs. We can help you with both Design and Development.

Scraping and data-analysis

Need to gather information near-realtime or do analysis on existing data? We are here to help you on that


We have integrated multitude of sites with different services and can help you with this too. We have already integrated Stripe, HubSpot, Intercom, Google Tag Manager into many websites.


We can run and monitor your site and making sure it is running without any hassle or problems.


Tired of IT not working? Let us take care of that



Tired of IT not working? Let us take care of that


We take care of the technology for you, so you do not have to worry about it. If you are still interested, we mainly do Python/Django and host them on Linux/FreeBSD.

Tools/technologies we use every day: jQuery, Knockout (JS), GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Bootstrap3/4, PostgresSQL, SQLite3, Redis, nginx, Git.

Before we worked with Go (Golang), PHP, NodeJS, Docker, RabbitMQ.